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Currently available to ship to Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and District of Columbia.


TAKE FIVE is always crafted CONSCIENCE CLEAR®. Only 100% natural ingredients are brewed with our unique yeast, and using our unique proprietary production methods, we produce a clear, clean alcohol base which, when mixed with our fruit flavors and Seltzer water, give you the uniquely refreshing taste of our next generation Hard Seltzer.

100 Calories per serving | 0G Sugar | Low Carb | Low in Gluten | 5% Alcohol | Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

NOW more than ever we need time out. Our world, and how we live within it, is changing day by day.  It’s both exhilarating and exhausting but a little time out can make all the difference.

At TAKE FIVE we believe that time out shouldn’t be reserved for vacations or long weekends! It’s about the special moments we can create every day to make ourselves and others feel good. It’s the everyday moment. It’s the NOW.

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers are there for you and those moments.


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